Liberty BASIC 4.5.1 With Crack

Liberty BASIC Free Download: Easy programming for Windows – programming should be simple, but Windows is very complex. Liberty BASIC Download makes programming Windows easy. You will get a lot done with less work and dare we say, have fun doing it!

Powerful – your programs can have graphical user interface (GUI) controls, graphics, sound and music, grab data from the Internet, access external hardware, and more. Plus, the ability to call Windows API functions and use external libraries make Liberty BASIC practically unlimited!

Liberty BASIC Download

Liberty BASIC 4.5.1 With Carck

Liberty BASIC Free Download Features:

  • Easy BASIC language – write a one line program!
  • Runs on all versions of Windows
  • Includes a special interactive tutorial
  • Comes with tons of instructive example code
  • Terrific online community is fun and helpful
  • Includes a visual tool for drawing GUIs
  • Multimedia features including sound graphics, and animation
  • Easy to use debugging tools
  • User functions and subs with scoped variables
  • Supports serial communications and hardware port I/O
  • Make API calls and use DLLS

Whats New In Liberty BASIC 4.5.1 Carck Free Download?

  • Fixed a bug in the editor where the cursor would sometimes not clean up after itself when typing some characters and then pressing the arrow keys.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to set fonts in the Liberty BASIC editor would display an error if Windows has no default printer set.
  • Added a new function idefilename$() which returns the full path of the file currently under edit in the Liberty BASIC IDE.
  • Updated the Liberty BASIC ini filename to lbasic451.ini
  • Updated the welcome.bas program file.
  • Updated the new4features.lsn file.
  • Added a conversion of ASCII 160 to ASCII 32 when the Filter bad characters option is turned on, in order to permit pasting of code from some web sites.
  • Added a new function idecode$() which returns the code in the Liberty BASIC editor window. This is useful for creating utilities such as code formatters or parsers that can be installed as external programs under the Setup menu.
  • Added source code coloring to the debugger code pane.
  • Fixed a crash in the popup menu item for the debugger. Run to next local line.
  • Added display of global variables when debugging a sub or function. A checkbox in the debugger turns this on/off.
  • Added a Smaller font and Larger font button to the Liberty BASIC editor toolbar so that you can change the font size quickly.
  • Fixed the bug where the Liberty BASIC editor would open off-screen when Liberty BASIC is started. This would give the appearance that Liberty BASIC was not loading.
  • Fixed the double-click behavior in the Liberty BASIC editor so that variable names that have periods in them will be properly selected. This improves the way that the new variable highlight works.
  • Changed memory limit to 768MB because Windows sometimes choked on a 1GB allocation, and this sometimes prevents Liberty BASIC from starting up.
  • Updated runtime engine name to run451.exe

How to Activate Patch & Crack Liberty BASIC Full version for free?

  1. Download the latest version From Here.
  2. Click WinRar File Extract Hare
  3. Open New Folder Click To Program Install
  4. Do Not Run If Already Running Then Close It
  5. Copy cracked dll & replace to the installation directory
  6. Done! Enjoy Liberty BASIC Full Cracked:
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