FRSFileMgr 6FRSFileMgr is a software to manage the drives, directories, and files that are in computer system users, easier to use than Windows Explorer, because it only manage files, folders and drives; nothing else and rename a group of files (e.g., files, digital camera). FRSFileMgr integrated and Windows and will undertake the work managed directly the data in the drive, folder, files. These objects are represented visually and easy to follow. The information about the object are also displayed


FRSFileMgr Key Features:

  • Manage files, directories, and drives, and nothing else!
  • Performs accurate searches for files.
  • Can keep notes associated with files.
  • Provides many reports to find files, and view statistics.
  • Provides the ability to completely reverse any changes made.
  • Prints files listing.
  • Shows all key information right in the main window.
  • Thorough, easy-to-use online documentation.
  • Can bookmark files and directories.
  • Customizable, easy access to files and tools you use often.
  • Clear out all temporary files.
  • Built-in support for .zip files.
  • Optionally, launch files upon detection of removable media.
  • Shared directory icons.
  • Personalize your copy using different color schemes.
  • Clearly shows how full your computer’s disk drive is.
  • Image preview window that can be sized to your liking.
  • Easily renames your digital photo files in one go.
  • Connect and disconnect from shared directories.
  • Provides drive clean-up tools accessibility.

What’s New In FRSFileMgr 6.4.0?

  • When moving a sub-set of the files using the “Directory | Move To | Select and Refine…” menu
    command and selecting all directories but only a sub-set of the files, all files NOT selected were
    deleted, and a second coding error led to there being no undo information generated for those
    files, so there was no way to reverse those deletions.
  • The “Upgraded!” toolbar button may have been shown each time the application was started.
  • Changing the main window’s color scheme via “Settings | Color Scheme…” wasn’t applied until the application was re-started.
  • The text above the grid that shows the total size of the file(s) selected, wasn’t always updated.
  • When renaming a file such that only the case of the letters of the name was changed (e.g.
    “Apples.txt” to “apples.txt”), the file disappeared from the display (the file was not deleted,
    though; the main window’s Files grid just wasn’t updated).
  • There were some scenarios under which the number of files selected or shown in the statusbar wasn’t correctly updated (e.g. after having moved one or more files).
  • The “Manage Sub-directories” window sometimes had its “Delete” button disabled for no reason.
  • Sometimes, when doing a search for files, the “Cancel” button of the “Find Files and
    Directories” window took a very long time to actually stop the search.
  • After formatting a drive, FRSFileMgr continued to show the old listing of files and directories in its main window.
  • When the “File | Fix Bad File Name” menu command completed, the data for that file may not have been updated in the main window’s Files grid.
  • Ejecting thumbdrives using FRSFileMgr did not always succeed.
  • Pasting text into the main Files grid’s “Notes” column, such that the column triggered a
    horizontal scrollbar, sometimes led to the grid’s background not being drawn properly, and
    subsequently not being able to scroll to the left-most columns using the arrow keys.
  • The incorrect license agreement was distributed with the recent installation programs, and has been corrected with this one

FRSFileMgr 6.4.0

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